Pet Care and Bereavement Services with the Personal Touch in and around Highcliffe, Dorset.


Please note that Moggies and Muttlies used to be known by the name of Best Paw Forward with Winnie.

EllieNicky and Nick with Ellie

Carol walked our dog Ellie for a number of years. Ellie was a rescue dog, who was quite difficult at first, and Carol helped offer advice and guidance when we first had her, as well as walking Ellie regularly.  Carol was always reliable, flexible, and trustworthy. We are sad that she is moving away. Ellie loved Carol walking her and always greeted her warmly, Carol developed a strong bond with her.

Dog Walking with HollyWendy and David with Holly

Carol has been seeing our border collie, Holly, for 12 years, at least once per week.  Carol has been providing a walking service, therefore calling in to our home, walking Holly, then feeding and settling her.

Carol has proved to be impeccably reliable, I don’t believe she has ever once cancelled a booking due to illness, and always gives plenty of notice for holiday dates.

Carol took time to develop a close relationship with Holly, and Holly has come to know and trust her so well.  In Holly’s younger years, when we were working hard on her obedience training, Carol even took the initiative to learn some of the training moves and commands we were using and then worked with Holly to enhance these when she was out walking her.

Carol has always been quick to report if she has had any concerns about Holly’s health or wellbeing.  Holly is now very elderly so does not walk far, and Carol is sensitive to this and gives Holly wonderful care.

Holly has always been very happy to go out walking with Carol and we have had absolute peace of mind knowing that Carol would be attending to her needs on that one day per week when she is home alone.  We are very sad to be losing Carol’s service now that she is relocating, but I have no hesitation in recommending her excellent service to anyone who may be looking for a dog walker.



Ruth & Paul and Lily & Vincent

Winnie (as we and our dogs know her) has been our petsitter since 2007, looking after first Lily, and later Lily and Vincent. During this time we have found her to be reliable, honest and trustworthy and both our dogs really look forward to her visits. We would not hesitate to recommend her services.



Sammy and Bessie

We have used Winnie to walk our dog Bessie on many occasions and have found her to be reliable, punctual, trustworthy, friendly and most importantly Bessie adores her!


Karen and Oz & Riz

I have been using Carol’s service for cat sitting for over a year now and have found her to give a very reliable, friendly and professional service. She has been very flexible and charges extremely reasonable rates. When first setting up the cat sitting visit Carol came and visited and was very informative with her service and also taking down my cats vet surgery details in case of any illness or issue should arise while in her care. I usually ask for one visit a day with the use of cat feeders, which makes my breaks away stress free as I know my cats are happy within their own home environment having no distress of being relocated to a cattery and I also have ‘peace of mind’ that my house is being visited on a daily basis. Not only does Carol ensure my cats are fed and watered, but also cleans the cat litter trays. I can highly recommend her service to any cat owner who is within her catchment area.


Sally and Fudge

Hello – this is my dog, Fudge, a Chow. He, and I, would be distraught without BestPawForwardwithWinnie! When I decided I had to go back to work and leave Fudge all day, I was very worried about what to do with him. He is good at being left for a while, but Chows have a reputation for being a bit surly with strangers and I didn’t know how he would react to a stranger calling when I was out. Well, it all turned out fine – Carol is brilliant with him, very clear about how he has to behave (and chows are not easy, unlike other dogs they are very hard to train). I know because sometimes she takes him out when I work at home, that he is so pleased to see her, and rushes to the door to say hello, and really enjoys his walks with her. And she always cleans him afterwards, which is very important, as being a very hairy beast, he comes in with mud, twigs, leaves and heaven knows what stuck to him. So I am very grateful to her for keeping my Fudge happy while I am at work.


The Tymms family and Sam & Lucy

We have two dogs, a lovely placid old mongrel called Sam and a lively mischievous Jack Russell called Lucy. Winnie has walked, cared for and advised us well for several years. She is kind, reliable and our dogs love her. They have been to stay with Winnie and always come home healthy and happy. What more can a dog owner ask for?


Paul & Andrew and Jasper & Basil

We have known Winnie for about 5 years. It is a relief to have someone that is professional, reliable and trustworthy to care for our pets and build a relationship with them. Winnie will always let us know how they behave and what characters they are.


Valerie and Lucy

I can go on holiday feeling confident that Lucy will not only be fed, but will have someone to “talk to” her as well. On my return, she is happy and relaxed.


Wendy & David and Holly

We have been using Carol’s services for over 3 years now to walk our border collie, Holly, on 3 days each week when we are both at work. Carol’s service and commitment have been absolutely superb and we cannot speak highly enough of her. Carol’s impeccable service gives us peace of mind that Holly will get not only a good walk and a meal while we are out, but also great company for a while in the middle of the day.
In 3 years, Carol has never missed or cancelled a service. She always gives us several weeks notice if she is going to take leave, giving us plenty of time to make alternative arrangements. Occasionally we have had to request last minute changes to the schedule ourselves due to work commitments, and she has always been flexible and changed days around for us, sometimes at less than 24 hours notice.
Initially, before Carol agreed to provide the service, she came to meet with us and Holly, giving Holly a chance to get to know her first. Carol took Holly out using her own collar and lead for the first few weeks until she had built up enough confidence that Holly would respond to her recall commands. Carol’s reliability and careful consideration and treatment of Holly have been amazing and we are so grateful for everything she has done. We couldn’t be without Carol and highly recommend her.


The Flatt family and Splodge

Winnie is extremely professional, reliable and trustworthy. She visited our home and fed, groomed and looked after our cat whilst we were on holiday with the utmost care and consideration. We have used Winnie’s cat care service for over four years and we would have no hesitation in recommending her.


Kathryn and Alfie

I have the flexibility to make business appointments and leave my dog at home without any concerns as a result of Carol’s professional approach and reliable service. I can also leave him with confidence that he is in very capable hands and well looked after whilst out on a walk.


Clara and Henry & Heidi

We have been trusting Best Paws Forward to look after our 2 cats Henry and Heidi for 4 years. Every time we go away we can rest assured that our cats can stay in their own home, and be fussed and fed every day by lovely Winnie, and each time we return we have 2 very happy cats to greet us! We have been impressed by the professionalism of Best Paws Forward with Winnie, we have entrusted her with our house keys and our cats each time we go away for the last 4 years, and I have no worries about recommending her to my friends.


Louise & Tom and Jessie

Carol has looked after Jessie since she was a young puppy, giving her a daily walk and lots of loving attention while we were both at work. Since then she has been very flexible and a great support in helping us keep Jessie exercised as our requirements have changed. She offers an exceptionally good quality service, always taking care to ensure she has the details of Jessie’s vet and any medication requirements. I would highly recommend her dog visit and walking service.


Katrina and Willow, Small, Nutmeg & Jewel

We are delighted with the excellent pet sitting service from Carol and know our cats are very well looked after at home whenever we go away. Because we know Carol is so reliable, we even felt able to leave a very sick cat at home while we went on a trip, safe in the knowledge that Carol could be trusted to administer medication, keep a watchful eye, and if necessary, call the vet.
Not only does Carol give our pets the very best care and attention without the upset for them or the expense of going to a cattery, but she keeps an eye on our house, waters the plants and gives us peace of mind.


Julie & Mr Jinx and Eric the Red

Without Carol we would not be able to take a break. Knowing that there is someone there who cares as much about our animals as we do makes it that much easier to leave them. As with most animals they hate catteries, so having their home-comforts around them and someone to feed and fuss over them really helps with the guilt feelings! As an added bonus the security of having someone checking on your property whilst you are away is worth every penny.


Sam & Pops and Jess

Carol has been there for me regardless of the short notice I always seem to give (sorry Carol!). She has excellent knowledge regarding animals and their behaviour and I have found her a fountain of knowledge when we have met. My cats Poppy and Jess are far happier staying at home whilst I am away and I am happy knowing Carol provides superb care for them and a big fuss.