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In Memory

This page is dedicated to all of those beautiful pets that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Gemma and Sam

Gemma and Sam

When I first met Sam, I knew instantly and intuitively that he was my soul mate and that we were meant to be together. He was my world and my everything for almost fourteen years. The love between us was so strong, so pure, and so unconditional it cannot be expressed in words. He was my feather and, just like Dumbo’s feather, he gave me the confidence, the strength, and the courage I needed to fly. When he left the physical world, it felt as if my heart had been broken, a vital part of me was gone. Without him it has been difficult to fly, but each day I go a little higher, helped by the feathers he leaves for me to show he is near.  Thank you for the best years of my life Sam.  My love for you will never cease.


Anne and Lily

Beautiful Lily (pea) – you were one in a million, you were kind, loving and so loyal. My best friend forever – miss you so much, always in my heart. Xxx 

In memory of Naz from Claire

Claire and Naz

I still remember the first time I saw Nazareno on the beach in Spain in June 2002. He was being schooled and looked absolutely amazing. I had no idea he was to be the horse I would ride for that week’s holiday let alone to spend the rest of his life with me.

I fell in love with this beautiful Spanish boy immediately. We were perfect together, laid back and easy going but knowing how to enjoy life to the full. That week is still the best one ever in my entire life. I knew I couldn’t live without him so it wasn’t too long before he came to England to be with me. The next 16 years were truly amazing, filled with love, laughter and happiness. He was so special, a kind, sweet, gentle soul and taught me so much and gave me a confidence I never had before.

I thought we would grow old together but sadly it wasn’t to be and I knew he was trying to tell me something, something I didn’t want to believe but I loved him too much to let him suffer so on 24th November 2018 I said my final goodbye and stayed with him until the very end. As heartbroken as I am I feel incredibly fortunate and honoured to have shared that time with him and although my life will never be the same I feel his presence and know his spirit is still with me which I take great comfort in. I know he will be galloping around somewhere with all his friends and munching away to his hearts content. My beautiful Naz x

ThreeFriendsThree Friends

Tilly on the left, Harvey in the middle and Jessie on the right.

In Memory of Harvey 2016 and of Jessie who passed away sometime ago

“It’s impossible to forget a dog that gave you so much to remember …”



Sue and I have never had children so I suppose Gracie was always going to be the nearest thing to that without having to suffer any back chat! Now here was a Bull Terrier bitch that gave alot of love but also expected alot in return. It was therefore not an easy decision to entrust our beloved Gracie to anybody, but because of the everyday commitments of work etc, there were days where I simply could not take Gracie out with me whilst working, particularly when meeting clients. Carol was recommended to us and came round to our house to see how Gracie and Carol would feel about one another. Gracie, whilst always friendly (contrary to an incorrect perception about the breed), immediately took to Carol and it was clear that a friendship between the two was about to develop, almost making me feel somewhat jealous. And so our minds were put at rest and the relationship between Gracie and Carol blossomed. Visits at short notice due to the nature of my work, were never a problem for Carol. As well as offering a fabulous reactive service, I knew that our beloved Gracie would be well looked after. I came home early one day and caught them cuddling which, whilst it may have appeared a touch embarrassing for Carol, was a clear reflection of the bond that had developed between them. It is nearly two years now since the sad passing of Gracie and we have only recently asked for our door keys to be returned. Here is a reflection of Carol’s trustworthiness, there were never any issues regarding the security of our home. Carol, thank you for looking after Gracie so well with dedication, commitment and above all else, much love. I know how hurt you were when we told you the sad news, I’m sure Gracie has left a mark on your life as much as she has ours.