Pet Care and Bereavement Services with the Personal Touch in and around Highcliffe, Dorset.

Pet Care Services

Being based in Highcliffe (Dorset), dog walking, dog & puppy visits and cat visits are available in most locations in and around Highcliffe, Dorset through to Lymington, Hampshire.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking with Moggies and Muttlies

Building a relationship with your dog is an important step towards happy dog walking.

I prefer to undertake one to one dog walks, and only walk multiple dogs if they’re from the same household.

I believe this provides the best experience for your dog and enables me to give them the fuss and attention that they need.

Prices start from £12.


Dog & Puppy Visits

Dog and Puppy Visits from Moggies and Muttlies

Got a new puppy?  If you’re back at work and your new puppy still needs some help with toilet training, I can visit your puppy in the day to let them out for a toilet break, feed them their lunch and give them a bit of play and stimulation to make the day pass a little faster.

Alternatively, if you have an elderly dog that requires medication during the day or a dog that is unwell or needs some company, I can visit them to help administer medication or to provide them with some fuss and company to brighten their day.

Prices start from £12.

Cat Visits


In your absence from home, you may worry about your cat not getting the attention it deserves! I’m able to offer the best possible care and cat visits service for your cat when you aren’t able to be with them. That might be some play, or just feeding them and possibly having to administer medication albeit with the food or otherwise, along with a big cuddle you’d expect from any cat visit service worth its salt.

Prices start from £9.